Volunteer Pledge is an annual initiative from the International Voluntary Service (IVS)

IVS is a registered charity that was formed in 1931 and sends hundreds of British volunteers overseas every year.


How Volunteer Pledge Started

Volunteer Pledge was developed after an analysis of Google Trends indicated that the highest volume of searches for 'volunteer' occurs in the first week of January every year. As New Years is typically a time to make a resolution, it makes sense to try and convert this goodwill into positive action.

This is a cobranding campaign

Volunteer Pledge is a national campaign and is likely to generate interest from those who are looking for a range of volunteering opportunities. As IVS is only looking for those interested in volunteering overseas we have decided to make this a cobranding campaign and invite regional volunteering centres to take part.

How will local organisations benefit?

Once a month, pledgees will receive an email reminding them of their commitment and the benefits of volunteering. The email will link back to a page on this webpage that links out to the volunteering databases of our partners.

Not another database!

We are not attempting to replace any of the regional/national volunteering databases, the intention is to use our database to tentpole the most interesting opportunities and regional events. Each month, local organisations will be invited to upload a maximum of 3 volunteering opportunities to the database.

Is this a one off campaign?

No. We will run a pledge campaign every January.

How can I include my organisation?

Volunteer Pledge is open to all local volunteering organisations and our team is currently in the process of contacting all the major volunteering bodies in the UK. In exchange for promoting your opportunities, we ask that you help us promote the campaign in early January. We're not looking for any significant promotion, maybe just a few shares on social media. Our team will provide a series of design assets to all organisations that take part.

When does the campaign start?

The Pledge starts on January 1st and will run for the whole month. The first email will be sent to pledges on January 31st.


Contact the Team

Please direct all enquiries to IVS Marketing Officer, Alice Hancock -